LEGOLAND Hotel Is Great For The Whole Family October 2015

Special thanks to LEGOLAND Hotel for hosting my stay. All opinions are my own.

Sometimes a little getaway – even for less than 24 hours – can be just what you need to get out of your daily routine and have a little fun with your family! I found myself in that situation recently during our trip over to LEGOLAND Florida in Winter Haven, which is only about 45 minutes from Orlando.

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The lobby is so adorable with its brightly colored red, yellow and blue LEGO accessories! I caught myself smiling the whole time while standing in the five-story, 152-room hotel, as I was getting my room information from the very friendly staff. Even though our son is a teenager, he has always loved playing with LEGOs, and he enjoyed it as much as we did.

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We found our room easily, and I loved the outside decorations. Our accommodations were themed in LEGO Friends, and that was super great for me!!! Stepping inside, I first noticed the LEGO accessories, which are just amazing throughout the whole hotel. Cute patterned carpet and walls with fun pictures, the room was really well decorated – cute, but still sophisticated. Oh, and there was a treasure chest full of goodies that if you were able to solve the clues, you could unlock the box and get to all of the fun things inside. We thought that was a really fun idea for everyone to enjoy!


The room offered a nice, wide walkway with our son’s room being tucked in at the front of the suite. He slept on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds and was able to watch his own TV – which he loves doing before going to sleep. Walking toward our bedroom was the good-sized bathroom. I loved the sink and mirror – very pretty. The shower was so refreshing after we had walked all of LEGOLAND Florida. I had a funny little mishap, I took my glasses off, turned on the shower and it sprayed my face. Hehehehe!! One day I will learn to always check out how a new shower works before I remove my glasses (I can’t see well without them)!

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Ok, back to how great the room was! The main bedroom had a super comfy bed with a unicorn decoration above the headboard – so sweet! A flat screen TV hung on the wall, and was great for watching the football game with my family. A nice desk and chair helped me get a little bit of work done while we relaxed in the room. A small refrigerator kept our drinks cold – and boy, did I need cold water after getting out of the 90 degree weather. And, to top it off, there was a Keurig Coffee Maker for us to use too!! Yay! I love that good cup of coffee in the morning. We had everything we needed for our one-night stay.


The next morning, we had a great breakfast at the Bricks Family Restaurant, which is located in the lobby of the hotel and is a buffet-style restaurant. Our meal was so GOOD! While eating, we noticed that the outdoor pool was packed with swimmers having fun and that was easy to get to by walking out the back door of the lobby. Nice and clean and plenty of seating around the pool area made this a fun spot.


The night of our stay, we strolled past the pool to head to the beautiful Lake Eloise that is just steps away. The sunset drew us near, and we took in the breathtaking view by walking on the nice boardwalk area. Enjoying the quiet and peaceful time together, we watched some people fishing and noticed more of the Lego characters – and pumpkins – tucked in under the trees.


So, out of all of the wonderful things that I have mentioned, we were all in agreement that our FAVORITE thing about the hotel was the elevator!!! Couldn’t help but giggle and dance to the disco music that was played after hopping on, also the disco lighting and the pictures of LEGO characters on the wall were a fun touch! “Dancing Queen” by ABBA was playing on our first trip up to the second floor where our room was located, and we LOVED it!

Most of the time when I stay in a hotel room, I have allergy issues the next day. I was very pleased to find that I slept well and didn’t have ANY problems breathing clearly. The room was spotless, and we had a VERY comfortable stay!

If you have a chance to visit LEGOLAND Florida, I strongly suggest staying at this awesome hotel! Read more at their website.

Thanks so much to the staff for their hospitality during our visit! We hope to be able to come back soon!

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LEGOLAND Hotel Great For The Whole Family