LEGOLAND Florida Made Us Smile October 2015

We want to thank LEGOLAND Florida for hosting our stay. It was WONDERFUL! All opinions are my own.

We were so happy to be able to visit LEGOLAND Florida on October 15, 2015! This theme park is located in Winter Haven, Florida, and is roughly 45 minutes from the Orlando area.

Our first glance at the park was when we checked into LEGOLAND Hotel. We were excited to get looking around, and dropped off our things in our room – which we loved, and you can read about that here. We headed downstairs to walk over to the entrance and were happy that it was just steps away from the hotel. So very convenient!

legoland-oct-15-2015 104

Grabbing a map after entering, we chose to go towards the right and meander through the 13 lands – read about the details of these lands here. We noticed that “Everything Is Awesome” was playing from The LEGO Movie, and it put a smile on our faces immediately. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we had fun stopping to take pictures, watching everyone have a good time and we took a ride on the Lost Kingdom Adventure that is located in Land of Adventure and Island in the Sky in The Beginning area. Both were sooo fun!!! You also can’t help but notice all of the LEGO creations everywhere! They were so neat.


My favorite of the all of the lands had to be Miniland. There were no rides, just mini villages and displays made out of LEGOs that you could walk around and take in!!! So very COOL! It was getting toward the end of our trip around the park, and I made a mental note to take more time in this part on our next visit. Seeing the Star Wars displays was probably the best for us, as we LOVE anything Star Wars! There were pirate scenes, the Washington, D.C. section that included the Washington and Jefferson Monuments, the Capitol and the White House. This was my second favorite spot. Also, you can view famous buildings from California, Florida, New York and more.

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We chose to get some lunch at the Fried Chicken Restaurant. The chicken was so yummy, and the atmosphere was very nice. The prices were very reasonable for what you get from your meal, and we found ourselves so full afterwards. 🙂


Our overall experience was VERY GREAT! We thought that the park was really well laid out and easy to find what you were interested in. I loved the fact that it was so clean and spacious! We thought that all of the staff were very friendly, and that always makes an experience more enjoyable. The park is geared toward young children, but you don’t have to have little ones in your party to have FUN. There are plenty of rides and attractions that even us older kids can enjoy! It was nice seeing the Halloween decorations too. Brick-or-Treat was taking place on select weekends, and we thought that would be something we would put on our list of things to do for next year. After our fun day, we had learned that it was the 4th birthday for the theme park, as it had opened in 2011! How cool was that?!?

One more thing, I absolutely LOVE the fact that LEGOLAND Florida has preserved the historic gardens of Cypress Gardens, which was established on their grounds more than 75 years ago. AWESOME!! 🙂

To get more information on LEGOLAND Florida and LEGOLAND Hotel, click here.

See more of our pictures below, and let us know if you have the opportunity to visit this amazing place!

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