Cleaning & Organizing December 2015: The Bathroom

So, I am back and continuing on my journey to a cleaner and more organized home (see my article on cleaning and organizing the bedrooms here). The master bathroom is another spot that will get some attention from me – oh, and my son’s bathroom too. Here’s to a more efficient 2016!

I had received some lotions and hair accessories as Christmas gifts and realized that it was a good time to go through all of the bottles of shampoo, soaps, etc. I spent time looking at all of the items that have expired or were most of the way used up in my bathroom cabinet and discarded them. After pulling everything out, I wiped down the shelves and organized the cabinet with the good items, so that everything is easily accessible for every day living. If you have to search for your hair brush in the morning, it takes up time, and everybody always needs to free up time in their daily routine.

I like to have two different colored containers for personal items – one for myself and one for my husband. It is nice to keep it separate and easy to grab! After cleaning out our containers, all of the little packages of floss are now together in one spot too! Yay! Feels great to have it done. It is also worth noting that I changed out our toothbrushes/toothbrush heads ( I use an electric toothbrush). Making these replacements is recommended to be done about every 3-4 months, and it is something that I have a tendency to forget! Oops! Oh, at least it is done now. I think I will make a note in my calendar for the next change, with so much going on, I am bound to forget again! Hehehe!

I have my linens stored in the bathroom cabinet as well. To keep things fresh, it is a good idea to put aside towels and sheets that are not used as often or have seen better days. These will either be discarded, used as rags or donated to a charity. New towels are always appreciated. I didn’t need any this year, but do love receiving them. It is great to grab a fluffy new towel to dry your hands on. Don’t you agree?!

After the organizing and cleaning of my cabinet was done, I did a thorough cleaning of the bathroom sink, shower, toilet and floor. Everything was spic and span afterwards, and I almost didn’t want to use it for a little bit. Enjoyed the moment!!! 🙂

With my bathroom completed, I headed to my son’s bathroom to do the exact same thing with his.  Our washer and dryer are situated in his, and I also decluttered all of the laundry detergents, fabric sheets and fabric softeners. It was a good time to wipe down inside and out of both of the machines.

I like to keep things simple, as it makes my life easier! So, by doing all of this decluttering, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders and that I could relax. I will be working on the kitchen next.

I hope that you have a great new year and many more to come.