Cleaning & Organizing December 2015: The Computer

I am so lucky that my two guys are so computer savvy – I am definitely not in any way, shape or form computer literate – if that is even a thing!! Hehehe! I mean, I can get around on the internet and upload my pictures, but when it comes to backing up my computer, adding a program and more, I leave that to my guys. If the computer gets a little glitchy – they are always to the rescue! Yay!!! 🙂 🙂

But, I did take some time over the Christmas/New Year’s week to do a little clean up on my computer (what I know how to do for myself). Just as I took time to clean, organize and declutter my house, it was a must to get my computer cleaned up as well. Getting ready to be more efficient and simplifying my life for the new year is helping me out a lot! 🙂

I started off by cleaning up my desktop. I mean, it just seems like items were left there for no reason. Much like my actual “desk” where I had a stack of mail, brochures, etc., the computer desktop was just a hodgepodge of folders and pictures, some of which just needed to be deleted or moved to another location.

As I said, it was kinda nice to spend a little more time preparing for 2016 over the holiday break, and I had great time updating my Amazon music playlists. Music always helps me relax, get motivated to exercise, enjoy while cooking and contributes to me being a little more productive when blogging. So, it was a blast to get some playlists together for each of those areas of my life. Some of my favorite artists/groups are Taylor Swift, Journey, Faith Hill, and I am really enjoying Sabrina Carpenter too. Had to add in some music from Disney movies also!

Again, the key is being organized, so I took a few minutes to update my Google calendar. To help me stay on top of paying my bills, doctor appointments and more, I jotted them down in my calendar. Getting an email reminder for those tasks is so convenient. Along that line of thought, I updated the notepad that I use to keep track of my to do list and other extra information. That was a little bit congested, and I deleted out things that I didn’t need any longer. It was also an appropriate time to check out my contacts in my address book. I made sure that I had all of my family and friends’ email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers up-to-date.

And lastly, I made sure that all of the photos that I have uploaded were put in folders pertaining to the event. It helps me to be able to find a picture quickly when I write an article, post to Facebook, etc. That feeling of accomplishment came over me after getting this and everything else all done! YES! 🙂

Good luck to you in 2016, and I hope it is a prosperous, safe, healthy and happy year for you and your family.