Christmas Decorations Are Put Away January 2016

It was that time of year again to take down the Christmas decorations over this past weekend. Sometimes I think of the hassle of it, and it always brings me back to the reason I do it – family tradition.

For me, my ornaments are like old friends. In fact, they are the memory keepers. I began my Peanuts gang Hallmark ornament collection soon after my husband and I were married. These older ornaments above were some that came to live with us when we were getting started in the first few years of our new life. In the early years, we had a very tight budget. I found some of these for a good price on ebay, and as the years went on, the collection grew. I usually would wait until Hallmark discounted them after Christmas and then purchase them. We not only have many of the Snoopy and the Peanuts gang ornaments in our collection, but we have added Star Wars and Disney characters too! All of our favorite things!! 🙂


We had to change up some of our tradition though because of our two precious cats. We struggled with them biting the Christmas tree a few years ago, and we tried many suggestions from others who were having the same issue. The orange peelings by the tree did work for a short while until the scent would wear off. We bought a spray, but that didn’t deter them. And, by the end of that Christmas, we had tin foiled the whole trunk, but our curious male cat still had found ways to pull and bite at it. Ugh!!! Not a very pretty site. We were even sliding it into the bedroom and closing the door when we had to leave so that we didn’t come back to it tipped over and my ornaments broken. So, because of the headaches with that year, the next year I decided to arrange my good ornaments on a garland that had lights and hang it high in the air near the ceiling where they could not reach. That worked and I have stuck with it ever since. When I can figure out a good solution, I will probably purchase another tree, but for now, I can feel good about the way we are hanging the ornaments and not worrying about the cats chewing up the tree when we are not at home or sleeping!!


And, it was just like those two to be right on top of my me as I was putting away everything. They were jumping in the boxes and chewing on the tape (we have to watch Cassie because she will eat tape!! Ugh!) They get excited about any kind of box. I mean, they can be sound asleep and hear a package arrive at the door and come running. We love ’em!

So, as I packed up the ornaments in their homes (original wrapping and boxes), I was sad to say good-bye, as that meant the holiday was truly over, but I look forward to the next Christmas when I will see them again. They have seen so many wonderful Christmases, lots of laughter and so much love. With this past Christmas being such a wonderful time to spend time with my two favorite guys – my husband and son aka my two Claytons!!! 🙂 And, as the time seems to go by so fast, it won’t be long until November comes around and the holiday time begins for 2016! Until then, I look forward to all that is in store for me and my family. You never know what tomorrow may bring, so just enjoy every moment.