My Top 5 Fifteen Minute Break Ideas

For me, I stay so busy during the day that I find I need to take more breaks. These 5 things below are great ways for me to step aside from my blogging, house cleaning, paying bills, etc. Sometimes 15 minutes is all I need to just clear my thoughts!

Playing with my cats:

Taking a few moments to play with and my two cats Cassie and Sylvester is a great distraction from working. They always enjoy the time my family and I spend time with them and it is much like a little stress reliever. Giving them attention makes me feel great and them as well.

P.S. I took this photo this morning. They are soooooo sweet!

Listening to music:

By turning on one of my music playlists, it totally takes me out of the moment and has a way of helping me turn my attention towards something else. I like to get up and dance a little and sing along. It is a great way for me to have some fun, be silly and enjoy my life even more!!

Going for a walk:

Slipping on my walking shoes and comfortable attire, I love just stepping outside and hitting the road. I try to walk every day, as it is a great form of exercise and a nice way to clear my mind. I also really enjoy walking around my neighborhood and snapping photos of the flowers blooming (follow me on Facebook, as I love to post a flower photos), watching the squirrels running around and saying hi to those outside. It is also nice to just breathe in that fresh air. My husband and I walk together and it is always a great time to catch up with what is going on in our lives. Love it!

Reading a magazine:

I like to pick up one of the magazines that I subscribe to like Good Housekeeping and look through the pages for meal and decorating ideas. Taking a few moments to do this is so helpful in my day, and it also sparks my creativity – which I mentioned is something that I am striving for in 2016 (read more here about that). This is such a great way for me to also just take a break from what I am working on to focus on something totally different. I love looking at photos of decorated homes and learning about new recipes, etc. Reading other peoples articles helps me in my writing too.


Sometimes I get a little brain overload and just need to shut my eyes for a few minutes. I never was much of a napper, but as I have gotten older, I find it refreshing. As long as it is not too long, it is great! About 15 minutes is all that is needed to rejuvenate me. Kind of like rebooting my computer in the morning, sometimes it is necessary to just refresh yourself. Rest is good.

Hope that this information helped you. I enjoy chatting about my life and giving tip ideas that have worked for me. Thanks for reading – I really appreciate it!!! 🙂