I Love My Cuisinart Griddler

For Christmas 2015, my husband purchased a Cuisinart Griddler model number GR-4N for me, and I have been loving it! As I have talked about before, he knows me so well – I LOVE getting kitchen items for gifts! I have found ways to use it at least 4 times/week since receiving it.

The Griddler is sooooo easy to use. You have a choice of either using the the grill plates or the griddle side, which is pretty neat. We love having breakfast foods for dinner, and so I made french toast a few nights ago using the griddle plates. They turned out great! YUM!


I had pulled out some Christmas ham that I had in the freezer, and made some ham and bean grilled burritos recently. So simple! I put the grill side plates in place and heated the machine. I cut the ham up into little pieces and I heated it on the stove. In the meantime, I opened a can of refried beans and tossed that into a bowl to heat in the microwave. After finishing that, I spread the refried beans onto one half of a soft taco shell, added some warmed up ham and sprinkled shredded Mexican cheese on top. Folded it in half and then placed it on the grill. They took about 5 minutes to cook. Wow! They were very yummy for sure. They would also be good if I had added sour cream and even rice.

My favorite use for the Griddler has to be to cooking chicken breasts. I usually purchase a big pack of chicken breasts from BJ’s and then stick some in the freezer. I then will take out the chicken as needed over the next week or so for meals. So, when I found out that it only took 10 minutes to grill them, I was totally impressed. I love finding ways to cut down time in the kitchen, as I am always busy. Plus, I am so used to baking them in the oven, and this way is great too, but it takes about 45-50 minutes to cook thoroughly and they are not nearly as tender as it has been from using the Griddler. It also saves on my electric bill; another win for the machine! 🙂

The cleanup is very easy too, which if you are like me, always makes me happier. The less time washing dishes, the better! With this machine, you just simply scrape off (they provide a cool tool) the grates, pop them out, and then I usually rinse them before putting them in the dishwasher. Yes – dishwasher! So handy! Years ago, we used to own a Foreman grill, and I will say that this is much nicer to clean!

One thing I haven’t tried yet is making paninis, and my family and I are looking forward to that. Also, excited to make some homemade burgers and pork on the grill. With the ease and convenience of the Cuisinart Griddler, I can say that it will be a best friend to me in my kitchen for years to come.