Renovation Project 2016: Part 2

I am back. Still going strong! When taking on a new project like this renovation project that my family and I are working on, that is not normally in your daily routine, remember to stay on track with your responsibilities. With this new home renovation job, it is taking up time that I would have normally been doing something else, which is fine, it is just imperative that I keep my to do list handy and don’t forget to get my regular work finished. It can be a kind of juggling act, as I am adding such a big task to my daily schedule. Seems pretty simple, but I almost forgot to make some payments because I was so engrossed in this exciting new adventure! I just need to be aware that it will all work out and to have fun along the way! Nothing is perfect, and that is OK!


Painting, painting and more PAINTING!!! That is what we are up to now. We chose to use Olympic One for the ceiling paint, and I love how when you put it on, it is the color pink so that you can see where you have painted. The ceilings are the popcorn style, and we are going to roll on the paint.

I learned something about how to pick out samples for your paint color choices. I like to pick up the little paper samples at the store, but Clayton III was checking out colors on his computer, as he is a little more particular in his color selection. I found out from my husband that you cannot go by the computer image, as they are not accurate indicators of the real color. Your monitor/tablet/laptop/phone has to be calibrated to show the true color. Makes sense, I just never really thought about that. I usually am not as precise in my choice, as I like a lot of shades of light blues, pinks, yellows, etc. I guess you could say I tend toward the pastels! Most of the house will be painted in those shades, except for the second bedroom.

Some tips – don’t forget about your health! I noticed that I was having so much fun working and stayed focused on my work the first few days, that I had forgotten to drink plenty of water. It is also necessary to take breaks! Sit down and step away from the job for a few minutes to relax and take it all in.

So to reiterate to myself: don’t spread yourself too thin, stay on track with your health (eating healthy and drinking plenty of water), keep up with daily chores and try not to stress out! It is all about managing my time wisely and keeping up on my to do list! Can you do this, Amy? I hope so!!! Realistically, there are going to be obstacles that will throw me off of my course, and that is just what life is all about. It is how I deal with it, that will be key. If all else fails, just drink coffee!!! Hehehehe!

I will keep you posted on what happens next. Thank you for reading!! 🙂