Renovation Project 2016: Part 5

On February 3, 2016, we observed the second bedroom and made a decision to switch from Valspar Ultra to Valspar Reserve in semi-gloss. If you remember back from the last article, my son Clayton chose the paint color. The selection was Arizona Sunset, and it was bolder than any color I have ever chosen – really pretty though. Out of every room in this house, I was concerned about this one because of the two-shaded diamond pattern that was there from the previous owner. I was not worried about the darkness of the paint, but the actual diamond pattern. We figured that giving it a good coat of white primer would do the trick, along with a few coats of paint. Valspar Reserve is a paint and primer, and when we noticed that the diamond pattern was still peeking through after a coat of primer and one coat of Valspar Ultra, we thought it would be best to change paint. Even though it costs more, so far it is worth the price! After returning from Lowe’s with our new paint, we got it up on the walls and hoped that after it dried, we would be pleased.


Lighting is going up, and so happy about this as there were no light fixtures left in the home. We have LIGHT! Yay! A new light fixture was created – and not yet finished – for the kitchen area, and we found this other hanging fixture at our Lowe’s Home Improvement store. They both are looking so nice!

Thursday, February 4th, not encouraged about the outcome so far of the second bedroom, we added another thick coat of the Valspar Reserve, and hoped that it would be our last layer. We crossed our fingers!!! 🙂

Moving away from that room for a little while, we turned our attention to the third bedroom. The room was mudded and sanded in areas where the border used to be, and other holes that we found. We chose to just go over the lime green shade with a pretty green color. The actual name is Green Vibe (Valspar color 6002-7B), and we used Valspar Reserve in the satin sheen. I have absolutely fallen in love with this color! It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions that we made at Lowe’s one day, and I am super happy with the choice!! I couldn’t wait to see it the next day after it had dried. I also cannot stress enough how great this paint is to work with. It goes on so smoothly, and was nice to not have to prime this room before painting. Most of the other rooms in the home had dark paint on them, and we thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and use a primer so that our paint selection would come through fine.

As I left for the night, I felt a sense of accomplishment and loving how things are coming together. You plan and visualize, and when it comes to fruition – it is just so great!! In addition, I love that we are learning new things as we go.  So fun!

Thanks for keeping up with our project. We appreciate ya!