Renovation Project 2016: Part 6

On Friday, February 5, 2016, we were anxious to take a peek at the second bedroom – as this room’s walls had been giving us a little bit of a hassle. Our first look at the bedroom showed us that you could still see a faint view of the former diamond pattern. Our feeling was all mutual, we would leave it as it was. It would end up getting covered with posters, pictures, etc. and not be as noticeable as when the room was completely empty. In hindsight, we should have gone over the diamond pattern with a dark colored primer and filled in just the white area first. In the end, it was still showing a little bit, and it was mainly because of the levels of paint. We had a Lowe’s employee in the paint department explain painting like layering on frosting. Each time we painted, the layer would be thicker over the last. That white portion was already lower – because it was not painted and left white from the original owner – and would never be the same level. And, looking back on our selection of semi-gloss instead of satin – it would have been better to have used satin. I love the look that semi-gloss gives off, but it is very shiny and shows some of the flaws. All in all, my son was pleased with the outcome, and that is what matters most! I do like it too, even though it is not a shade I would have ever picked out. Really pretty!


We headed to the third bedroom and were super happy that it looked so amazing. We felt it would not need a second coat. Another decision made – and there have been so many decisions made already – I started to feel like things were getting completed and crossed off of the to do list. That definitely makes me happy!!! 🙂


Ok, now for Clayton III and I to paint the living room and hallway. We picked Niagara Falls (Olympic paint color A53-2) in a satin sheen of Valspar Reserve paint for these areas. In the upper recessed area, I chose a darker shade called Windsor Way (Olympic paint A53-3). Again, this was the Valspar Reserve, and it was in a satin sheen. The room looked so light and airy after the color was being added to the walls! Love it!

After that, we spent time painting the kitchen. A pretty yellow shade called Summer Sun (Valspar color 3007-2B) in Valspar Reserve paint in the satin finish was applied to the walls, and I felt like it was making me smile as soon as it went on. I adore sunshine! I think most people do! Hehehe! 🙂

I also wanted to point out that using the Low VOC or no VOC paint has been great!! I don’t feel like I am woosey after painting all afternoon, and I know it is better for my family as we all have allergy problems, and just better in general!! Our health is important, and I am so pleased that the painting hasn’t bothered us. Yay! Awesome!