Renovation Project 2016: Part 7

We arrived at the house on Saturday afternoon (February 6, 2016) ready to get to work! We assessed the paint on the main living room walls and found that we had done such a good job with painting that, that we would not have to add a second coat! Major happiness! 🙂 That Valspar Reserve is so great, and my son applied it so well. The same goes for the third bedroom. Yippeeee!! I will have to touch up a few spots, but overall, it turned out fantastic!

As we checked out the kitchen, we did feel that it would need to have another coat of yellow though. That room was pretty easy to paint, except for having to get up on the counters to paint above the cabinets. So happy that the original color was gone. We also did do a second coat of the light blue (Niagara Falls shade) in the hallway because we didn’t get that covered well the first time. No worries. It didn’t take long for go over that area too. Clayton III has been doing a phenomenal job with rolling on the paint, and I have been doing the cutting in. Although, he has told us that he is getting a little tired of painting and doesn’t plan on choosing that as a career in the future. Hehehe! I actually find it relaxing.

The ceiling fans are going up in the rooms that have the walls painted. I am really pleased with our choices of those too. We are using flush mount ceiling fans (close to ceiling) with smaller blades for the second and third bedrooms. The master bedroom and living room got bigger fans that will hang down because of the vaulted ceilings in those rooms.

The ceiling was painted in the master bedroom, but not by me. As you might remember, I don’t like heights! I think I can make it up to about the fourth rung on the ladder and then my legs start to feel wobbly and I get sweaty. Yikes! Better for me not to even try.

On the day of the big game (Sunday, February 7, 2016), we were working on the house renovation prior to watching the football game together. The upper portion of the master bedroom was painted in Sea Wave (Valspar paint color 5006-9C) in a satin sheen of Valspar Reserve paint. It is absolutely gorgeous!! Love it. The lower walls were painted by my son and I in Sea Air (Valspar paint color 5006-9A) in Valspar Reserve with a satin sheen as well. We went right over the orange/peachy shade from the owner before us, and I was happy to see that we didn’t need to prime the walls prior to adding the Valspar Reserve (as you may remember, this paint has primer in it). Also, this room was very grimy, and the paint just went on so easily, and I was super glad about that. Probably will need a second coat though.

We left for the day tired and sleepy, but felt happy about the progress. Couldn’t wait to eat some good food and watch the Super Bowl (read about the foods we prepared here).