Renovation Project 2016: Part 8

We took a little break from our renovation project, and started back on it around Friday, February 12, 2016. The next few days from there were like a blur. I have been trying to stay on top of my blogging, keeping up the housework and then heading to the renovation project. A lot of things to focus on, and some days it has been pretty hectic – a good hectic though!! So rewarding to see the project come together. Most days I am literally up to my elbows in dirt and sweat, and it is just very satisfying to watch it all develop and know that you helped create it. I had a cramp in my leg for about three days, and although it was a little bit of a nuisance, I still just wanted to continue on. 🙂

We added another coat of Valspar Reserve in the Sea Air shade (Valspar paint color 5006-9A) with a satin sheen in the master bedroom, and it really came out looking wonderful. I love the color so much! As I have mentioned before, I really enjoy pastel colors in my home. The styles I feel most comfortable with are a combination of Shabby Chic/country/cottage/rustic/beachy, which you probably can tell by the paint choices I have made. I am already planning out in my mind what pictures and accessories I will be using. I LOVE decorating so much!!!

With that room’s walls painted, I started to turn my attention to painting the baseboards. I chose to use Valspar Ultra 4000 in the Ultra White shade with a semi-gloss finish. Really nice to see the bright white against all of our room paint selections. There have been so many days of painting the baseboards and also the door trim, as it takes a lot of time and patience. And, it seems like I am spending so much time washing out paint brushes, and my little handy dandy container, that my hands are shriveling up! Hehehehe! Oh, that container is really the best thing ever! It has a handle and a magnet on the inside so that your paint brush will stick to it when you are not using it. So genius!!! 🙂 A definite must-have for the trim painting, and it was so inexpensive too.

We had to remove more wallpaper border in the master bathroom, and after discovering that the steamer worked so well in the third bedroom (read about that here), we used this same technique in the bathroom. It was so much easier to get that off and the process was quicker too. Yay!

All through this renovation project there have been so many decisions to be made. Lately, we have picked out new faucets for the bathrooms and the kitchen sink, new shower heads, toilets, lighting and of course all of the paint colors. We all agreed that the appliances needed to be replaced, and we have those on order now from Lowe’s Home Improvement and will be delivered after the flooring is installed.

It has been a really fun process so far, and each day I look forward to getting back to the project to get more accomplished.