Renovation Project 2016: Part 9

Since I last posted, Clayton III has been spending time cleaning off all of the doors with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads, and we are starting to paint the doors in the same paint (Valspar Ultra 4000 in Ultra White shade with a semi-gloss finish) from Lowe’s that we are using for the baseboards and door trim. We are also trying to reuse the light switch covers and outlet covers. My son had taken all of them off in the whole house prior to all of our wall painting projects, and is now gradually cleaning them up and reattaching them to the walls. It is a good feeling to know that most of the walls are completed being painted now, as this process takes place. The only rooms left to do are the two bathrooms. And, I love being able to reuse something that is still in good condition. Better to reuse things, than to have it sit in a landfill.

I just keep wearing and washing the same pants while I work on the project, and I have been switching between a couple of old shirts. As I have been looking back at the photos, I am thinking that it is a good thing that my pictures are dated, otherwise I would not remember which day I did what! Each day I add more pretty paint colors to my pants. Easy to use as napkin. 🙂 And, one thing that I have been super happy about during this process is that if we drip paint on the floor, no worries, it is just concrete, as no flooring has been installed yet.


On Saturday, February 13, 2016, a new air conditioning unit was put in. YAY!! The old one was more that 18 years old and blowing out black dust. The choice was a Goodman 2.5 Ton 14 Seer R-410A Heat Pump Condenser, and took the installers a few hours to hook it up. So far, so good on that. It is nice and quiet and blows out cold air!

I have had to add a second coat of paint to the baseboards so that they looked bright and fresh. The second coat always goes on faster! Yay!!! So happy about that. Seems like I have down on the ground painting forever!! Hehehe!!! I do enjoy it though.

It really has been so fun watching the process of the revitalization of this house! It is looking so very cute and cozy. All of the colors work great together and it flows nicely. Clayton III is learning a lot about home improvement and how much work and time that it takes to make repairs on a house so that it look goods and functions well. That is a good thing too. Some days I feel worn out completely, but seeing the progress always makes me feel better! And when I don’t get everything done, I remind myself that it can wait until tomorrow!

Really appreciate you all keeping up with the process of this renovation. Thanks so much and have a great day!