Renovation Project 2016: Part 12

We pick up now on the renovation progress in the middle of February 2016. Over the course of the next few weeks, we had some help with the flooring installation. The smells were just too much for us to handle, and we didn’t have the time for the attention it needed. We are so pleased how it came out and thankful we didn’t have to do this big project ourselves.

Meanwhile, we did some shopping at Lowe’s for more items needed for the home and checked on the process daily. We chose to go with transition pieces in the entrance of each room that was needed. The doorways are a tricky area when laying the laminate flooring, and it made this a little easier for the installer. I think they came out pretty good! I love the pattern of the floor and color! So nice! It really goes well with the colors that we picked out for the home too. Yay!

After that was finished, the new master bedroom door was replaced and the rest of the door trim was attached where needed. We purchased pre-primed 3/4″ shoe molding and painted it using the Valspar Ultra 4000 paint in Ultra White shade with a semi-gloss finish from Lowe’s that we have been using for the baseboards, interior doors and door trim. That was cut to fit around the perimeter of all of the rooms in the house after the flooring was finished. Attaching them with an air nailer, we will have to go and touch up the nail holes with paint at a later date.


I wanted to mention that we thought hard about if we wanted to take the laminate into the kitchen, and after a lot of talk about it, we chose to do so. We have had laminate flooring in a previous home that we lived in for multiple years and did not have a problem with it in the kitchen. You do have to think about getting standing water on the floor and the worry of it damaging it, but we felt it was OK, so we went for it! It definitely looks nice to have it extend into the kitchen. We also deliberated about keeping the little ceramic tiled area as you walk into the house. It was nice to have the tiles there because of wet, dirty shoes walking into the home, but the decision was made to take them out when we put in the new door (see part 11 of this renovation process). We found that the tiles were so loose, that they popped right out when installing the new front door. So, that decision wasn’t much of a decision after all. It was kind of made for us, so to speak. We could have chosen some different tiles to replace with, but instead we just carried the laminate flooring all throughout the living room as well. I will look for a good, big rug for this area to wipe your shoes on. Plus, a good-sized rug on the outside of the entrance will probably help keep the dirt from even entering the home. 🙂 Stay outside, dirt!! Hehehe!

Wanted to say, thanks again for reading! Appreciate it!! 🙂 More next time.