Tasks That I Can Complete In 15 Minutes Or Less

It seems that I am always multi-tasking, and when I want to stay busy and get things accomplished, I have some go-to tasks to work on when I only have about 10-15 minutes to get them done. It is kind of fun and challenging to see if I can beat the clock! You know what I mean?? Here are a few situations that I often find myself in: intermission of the Penguins hockey game, cooking dinner, waiting for the rest of my family to get ready for an appointment or just leaving the house in general, etc.

See what I have thought of in the details below:

1. So, while waiting for water to boil on the stove, I like to unload the dishwasher and put the clean dishes away. If I still have time, I will start to rinse and stick the dirty dishes in.

2. Another scenario, the pizza is all prepared and in the oven, I have often grabbed my Swiffer duster and dusted the end tables, lamps and other surfaces that need cleaning.

3. Intermission of hockey games go by really fast, but I have been able to get all of the dirty dishes done and clean the kitchen during this time frame. Keeps me busy while waiting for the game to come back on.

4. After all of my sheets and blankets have been washed and dried during the afternoon, I usually can make the bed made in about 10 minutes. I have a thing about making it though, even if I am going to be getting into bed shortly after it is made, I still have to have it made perfectly, like I would in the morning. I don’t know why – it is just me!!! I guess I have that if you are going to do something, do it right mentality!!! 🙂

5. Waiting to leave the house for an appointment, and I am all ready to go, but waiting on the guys, I have found that it is a great time to go through the mail. Sort through it, get rid of items not needed and put aside the mail that needs attention later. Or, another thought is brushing my two sweet cats.

6. In the kitchen making dinner and waiting for the chicken to finish cooking on the grill, and I have found that this gives me a chance to look through the cabinets and refrigerator to see what items I am running out of or already out of. Gotta keep up on what needs to be purchased at the grocery store. It seems that the shopping list is always growing! 🙂

It feels really great to get some little things taken care of and knocked off of my to-do list while working on other projects or hanging out watching TV with my guys. A big plus for these jobs are that they get me up and off of the couch, especially because I sit so much to do my blogging. These are just a few tips that might help you! Thanks for reading. 🙂