Renovation Project 2016: Part 14

When I work on a project, I usually go full force and like to finish it in a decent amount of time. That being said, I have let up a little on the intensity of getting this renovation completed. It is a juggling act to stay up my blogging, keep the house clean, make sure my bills are paid on time, etc. So, I am happy to say that we are still having so much FUN and getting things completed.

At this point in our renovation project, we are into the middle of March. We have most of the window blinds up now and the curtains! Yay!! That doesn’t sound like a big accomplishment, but it takes time to measure and figure out what height to put them at. I went with blackout curtains from Target, so that it helps on electric costs. We have them in our current home, and I LOVE them! The cost isn’t too bad either for the benefits of them. They really do block out a lot of the hot sun and make our home feel cooler. The colors of the curtains went so well with all of the paint color choices too. Yay!! That made me happy! The only room that didn’t get those was the kitchen. I had purchased a window topper about a year ago and never used it. It fit perfectly in this house. Nice! I like it when things all works out!


We have also installed more shelving in the master bedroom closet, and that will allow for more storage along with folded and hanging clothing. We found a great organization system from Lowe’s Home Improvement and also added additional shelving around the top of the master closet. Everyone always needs more room for storage, and I like to maximize every inch of space in a home that I can! I do think at some point I am going to need to go through all of my boxes of collectables and see what I have, but for now, they will stay in storage.


Clayton III and I painted the master bathroom. It needed 2 coats of paint as it was a really dark shade of turquoise originally. We chose Minty Fresh (Valspar color 6002-7A) in Valspar Reserve paint in a semi-gloss finish. It is the lightest shade on the paint sample of what the third bedroom was painted (Green Vibe, which is Valspar color 6002-7B, and we used Valspar Reserve in the satin sheen) because I just fell in love with that shade after applying it to the bedroom walls! It looks so great! I am very pleased with the color, and it looks great as you transition to the master bedroom. I am all about how room colors flow into one another. 🙂

So much caulking has been going on too. Around most of the door trims, where we have replaced the actual pieces of wood trim, have been getting a good coat of Dap All Purpose Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone in white. It dries pretty clear and can be painted over. That worked out nicely, and it just makes everything look so finished.

More next time!!! 🙂