Renovation Project 2016: Part 15

Thanks for taking the time to check out my progress on our home renovation project. I really do appreciate it! 🙂

We took a little break from painting and cleaning to focus on furniture shopping. We had stores in mind to look at and set out thinking it would be easy to find a couch, but after a few stops, we realized that we needed to go back to the house and do a better job measuring the space where it would be placed. When you just glance at something, it can seem that you have so much room, but after we measured, we found that the space is pretty tight. Not what we were picturing at all. We would not be able to have a couch and sofa, instead it would probably have to be a sectional. We love leather, but it is not very pet friendly (scratches and claw marks are all that I could see in my mind, as we had a nice leather sectional that our 2 sweet cats had gotten their paws on in the past). Ok, so I do like a challenge, and challenging it was. Plus, a budget was in place, and that always makes everything a little harder. But, we headed out to a different area with some new stores in mind and a positive attitude.

Over a week’s time, we were really thrilled to find a store that had just what we wanted!! Yay! It is a sectional with 2 ends that are recliners. We were also interested in a high-backed couch, and the one we picked had just that! It is cloth, and we are told it is durable enough for pets. Awesome! With that accomplished, we turned our attention to shopping for mattresses. The mattress shopping turned out to be rather simple! Thank goodness. Wonderful service at the store that we chose! We spent probably about an hour and half listening to the sales person talk about the different types of mattresses. We went with a memory foam mattress, as they seemed like a good choice. We have no experience with this type of mattress, but are hoping that they will work out well.


We were really happy when the furniture arrived! There were two straight days of furniture deliveries on March 16 and March 17th. Yay!! It was nice to have the delivery men set up the furniture in the appropriate rooms, and it looks great! All of the time that we spent figuring out the measurements of the couch and shopping around paid off. It is set up right across from the wall where the TV is going and will work great! We plan on putting a coffee table in front of it and also adding an end table at one end as well. You always need places to put your drinks and snacks! 🙂 Eventually, rugs will need to purchased to add some softness. With all of the house having wood floors and tile, it will be nice to use some comfy rugs. It is pleasing for the toes.

More next time!! 🙂