Renovation Project 2016: Part 16

Since I last posted an update on my home renovation progress, so many days have been spent cleaning and scrubbing! It seems something gets cleaned up, and it doesn’t take long for the tools, dirty rags, etc. to pile back up on the kitchen counters. Plus, the dirt that is coming in from outside. Ugh!

Take this picture above as an my example of messiness on the job site! Some days I can hardly stand the clutter, dirt and chaos, but visualizing what the end result will be, keeps me enthused! And, the end of the project is in sight! YAY!! 🙂 I feel like I keep telling my son that the finish line is upon us. Like, it is the 9th inning, 4th quarter, 3rd period, etc. I think he feels like it is going to take longer than my prediction!! 🙂 Also, I just noticed a box of Whoppers Malted Milk Balls from our Easter basket on the counter too. Yummy and a nice pick-me-up when feeling exhausted.

I have been staying busy with the trim painting. This job is pretty tedious, but so well worth the trouble. I may have said this before, but it is worth mentioning again…I just can’t believe how a coat of white paint covers up all of the flaws. Everything was dirty and grimy, and with a coat of white trim paint, it has disappeared! Magical!! I do wish I could just snap my fingers and it was all finished though!! Hehehe!! Patience, Amy!


The TV has been installed, and that process always makes me nervous. We found an excellent deal online, and I am really happy with it so far. You can see from the reflection in the TV that I covered the new couch with sheets. It is too new to get all that dust and dirt all over it. Plus, we needed somewhere to take a seat when we are feeling tired. So, this was a good solution. Stay safe, couch, we will uncover you pretty soon – I hope!

Faucets are being installed. Both bathrooms have been replaced, along with the kitchen. Also, new shower heads were placed in both the master and hallway bathroom. I have been spending time giving the bathrooms attention. Getting down on my hands and knees to give the tiled floors a good scrubbing, plus the sinks, counters and toilets too. They really needed.


We had some help with installing a water filtration system for the whole house. Plus, we put a separate unit under the kitchen sink (reverse osmosis system) and one for the refrigerator too. You can never be too careful with your drinking water. Most people don’t think about the water that you use for your bathroom sinks and tubs as well. The water that gets on any part of your skin needs to be safe for your family. So many harmful things like all of the antibiotics and more that are not totally filtered out with city water services. We used the systems from APEC, and they seemed fairly easy to install. Their reverse osmosis unit eliminates 99% of contaminants found in tap and well water. Awesome!!!

Wrapping up this article. Thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂