Renovation Project 2016: Part 18

So the decorating has started – my favorite part – and more shopping for extra furniture needed. We found a cute little thrift shop/reclaimed furniture store in our area, and I went on a crazy shopping spree! Great prices and so many things to check out! What we ended up purchasing: a gently used futon for the third bedroom; an armoire; dark colored, wicker bedside tables and an end table for the living room that will house some of the electronic devices and magazines on the top of it, with a place to set a drink too. I love all of my finds! It is an eclectic mix of woods and textures. Just my thing. I don’t like matchy-matchy. 🙂


After looking over the cabinets in the kitchen, I found that there was a need for extra storage space for food items like chips, cereal, mac n cheese, etc. So, the armoire will be placed in the dining room area for a place to put these items instead of using it in a bedroom, which is where it was intended for, and it will be put to good use. When the delivery man brought all of the items, he was most happy about this item being sold because it was so heavy. In fact, the cabinet actually cracked a little bit on the side, and he ended up giving us free delivery. It was not that noticeable, and I really wanted the piece. I love items that have a warn look and loved by other people. He definitely didn’t want to lift it back into the truck and take it back to the store, so that was win for us! No $85 delivery fee! Yay!



We made a trip to IKEA, which is always fun, and found a nightstand for the second bedroom. Clayton III has gotten pretty good at putting together tables and other things we have purchased from this store. So, he took time to build this and it turned out great! It really looks nice against the wall color (see Part 4 for photos of that room) in that bedroom too. I also bought some wooden bar stools from IKEA that still need putting together. Had fun shopping at Target a few times and found a really cute, turquoise chair that will fit in the living room and was on sale!! Perfect! A few yellow throw pillows were added to that chair and the couch, and the living room shaped up nicely.

I had added some decorations above the kitchen cabinets and thought about where I would place pictures, mirrors and more on the walls. We took an afternoon and started hanging them. One thing that I have found is kind of hard for me to do is put holes in the walls! When you have spent so much time patching and painting, it was a little tough for me to see that done. 🙂 But, if I ever have to change out the pictures, the walls can easily be patched back up.

I purchased more rugs that were needed like I talked about in Part 15. They really add a pop of color to the floor and feel great for the feet.

And, now you are now caught up through the end of April. This project has been so great, so far! 🙂 Almost done with it!