Renovation Project 2016: Part 19

We have added some finishing touches like bathroom curtains and rods. Toilet paper holders were purchased and put into place. More cleaning of the bathrooms and really scrubbing down everything AGAIN! Lots more cleaning in general. One day the house is clean, and then it doesn’t take long until it needs to be cleaned again.

Towards the end of the renovation, we found that we had some loose tiles in the master bathroom. I really didn’t want to have to take them up. Ugh!!! So, as usual, we got online to look for solutions – love the internet! We found that if you drilled holes into the grout and added Fix-A-Floor, then wiped it down and waited 24 hours, it may help strengthen the tiles to the floor. It seems to have worked. We have been walking on it, and I am pleased with the fix. Check out a video here for all of the details on fixing tiles in this way, and you can purchase Fix-A-Floor at The Home Depot.

Also, in the bathrooms, we found that using a paint pen to touch up the discolored grout was a wonderful idea! It didn’t take a whole lot of time, and the finished look was AMAZING! Handles were put on the bathroom cabinet doors and kitchen cabinets as well. We also added some magnets to the inside of the bottom cabinets. This helps for childproofing…or keeping cats out of your cabinets! 🙂

We found that we had so much waste from the project, and our local garbage pickup would not take household/renovation debris, so we grabbed a Bagster bag (click here to read about Bagster) from The Home Depot and tossed it in. We scheduled time for the company to come and pick it up, and it was so EASY!! They came and got it, and it felt great to get it out of the garage and out of our hair.

By the first of May, most everything was completed. I say that, and there is always something else lingering and work that will need to be done, but it feels ready to be lived in. I will have fun looking for a headboard for the master bedroom and more decorations, but I love that I can take my time and enjoy my future shopping at more thrift stores/Goodwill, etc!

I am so proud of how it has all come together. There have been some bumps in the road, but you just have to tackle the issue and get through it! Nothing ever goes smoothly, and you just have to roll with it. Not sure what I am going to do with myself now that it is finished. I mean, this has taken up a lot of our time and attention, and we have loved every step of it. We have gone over every inch of this place and know it well now. So many decisions, thoughts and sweat have gone into this remodel and I have to admit that I am kinda sad that it is all over, but now we can sit back and relax. I have really enjoyed spending time with my family working on this and watching it go from really grungy, dirty, stinky and many more adjectives, to the beauty that it is now. I could visualize it, and I felt the love from the house when I first walked into it, and it is shining through now for sure. So pleased that we were able to keep the cabinets, counter tops, tubs and more that were already existing. I love reusing, even if they are not perfect, it adds character and keeps items from being put into a landfill.

Thanks again so much for reading about the whole process and journey that we went through to finish this project. I have added some before and after shots below.

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I had fun looking back at the original pictures and everything along the way. Wow! This house has had a big transformation. 🙂 When you see the photo of Clayton III standing outside with his shirt over his nose – just know that he was doing that because it smelled so bad and was really dusty.

Be sure to click on an image to enlarge. 🙂

Living Room Before:

Living Room After:

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

Master Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom After:

Second Bedroom Before:

Second Bedroom After:

Third Bedroom Before:

Third Bedroom After:


Hallway and Bathroom Before:

Hallway and Bathroom After:

Master Bathroom Before:

Master Bathroom After: