Roof Replacement & Yard Work September 2016

I was able to knock two major tasks off of my to-do list at the end of September! That is a great feeling!!! One of them didn’t require me doing anything, and the other, let’s just say, I don’t enjoy doing it at all. 🙂

We had our roof replaced, and boy, does it look nice now. This is the job that I didn’t have to lift a finger for. Yay! We hired a good company to handle it for us, and we are pleased with the new shingles. They look super nice with the siding. Now, it was super loud to wake up to the old shingles being taken off of the roof and then the new ones going on, but we made it through. I knew our 2 cats wouldn’t be too happy with the loud noises. Sure enough our Cassie was nervous and scared the whole day (8 a.m. until 7 p.m.) that they were working. She is very skittish and doesn’t like new people coming into our home or very loud sounds. On the other hand, Mr. Sylvester didn’t worry about it too much. He only cared about us staying on top of his feeding schedule! Hehehe! That is typical for him.

We knew that the roofers would make some mess in the yard, which they did a pretty good job cleaning up, but I wanted to wait and pull weeds in the yard after they finished. This is something that I don’t love doing at all. My son helped me, and we got the trees trimmed, weeds pulled and everything cleaned up. I have to say that I would so much rather clean a toilet than to work in the yard – and who loves cleaning toilets…no one! 🙂 Thankfully, I don’t have to mow our yard. I really despise that task. I have a hard time with allergies from the yard being mowed, plus I don’t like getting dirty, itchy, bug bites and sweaty from head to toe. Ugh! My muscles were so sore, my back hurt from bending over, and I was drenched in sweat. It is a funny thing, and something that I was just thinking about, but as much as I love taking pictures of flowers and enjoying them, you would think that I would like to grow them as well. Nope! It is not for me. I believe that is why I appreciate other people’s flowers and greenery so much. I know how much time and effort goes into maintaining it, and I thank all of you that like to do it. It is a beautiful and wonderful thing that you create for yourself and others to look at. But, I will always just have the basics in my own yard. Whatever plants are simple and easy to handle, that is what I will have!

Now, after all of that griping – sorry about that – I just have to look on the positive side, as I am sitting at my computer in my air conditioned house, it is done and that makes me so happy! And, I will hope that since fall is here and winter is coming soon, this is the last time I have to work in the yard for this year! Thank goodness! 🙂

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading! 🙂