Goodwill Shopping October 20, 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016, was one of those days that I set out to grab some groceries, eat a quick lunch out and head to Goodwill to see what items they had put out since I was there last. We ate lunch and I debated on going to our local Goodwill store, as I was a little lazy after the meal, but quickly thought why not just drop by. It would only take a few minutes. I love shopping at thrift stores and garage sales; you just never know what you might find, and that is the thrill of it.

I have been searching for more hand-painted scenery images on canvas – or even paint-by-number pictures. I have a little collection of them in my living room, and I just love to look at them. All of them are unique and have different colored frames with a little wear-and-tear, and I LOVE that! Something that has been loved and used by someone else makes me happy. I enjoy mountains, lakes, cabins and farm scenes, etc. – I am a country girl at heart! 🙂 After walking into the store, I did make a beeline for the paintings, and I found one!! Now, I have seen a lot of these paintings in the past. One of my criteria for purchasing is the price. I try to stay under $20. But, most importantly, it has to speak to me. It sounds kind of silly, but I can tell if I am going to like to look at something over and over again almost immediately. If I have any hesitation, I always put it back. At first glance of this ocean painting above, I was hooked! I got that little giggly feeling. Excitement over the look of it and the price…it was only $9.99! Yay!!!

My son picked it up for me and we noticed some information on the back about the artist and an envelope attached with a little pamphlet in it. Neat! He carried it around the store, while I continued to shop. I noticed a good-sized wicker basket that would fit nicely on top of my armoire in the living room (read about that find here). It was $5.99 and in good condition, so I purchased that too.


So, after getting home, we hung up the picture on the wall. I was happy to have finally found something to put in the spot next to the main door, as it had been bare. Prior to hanging it, we took out the pamphlet about the author and read it. So interesting. His name was James Chichester. The information about his life and how he lived in North and South Carolina for a while and then made his way down to Florida was so interesting to read. He made Panama City his permanent home in 1952. There was even a post card included in the envelope. Very cool!

This piece is definitely one that I will treasure and adore for many years to come. Again, I almost didn’t take a moment to go to the Goodwill store, but I am so extremely happy that I did. It probably would not have been there when I decided to visit next. You never know what goodies you will find that will make your life a little happier. Enjoy thrifting!!! 🙂

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