Christmas Decorating November 2016

Decorating for Christmas came early for me this year. I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I was too excited to wait any longer! I began working on it on Saturday, November 12, 2016. Have you started your decorating yet? I have been looking at magazines and browsing Pinterest to gather ideas for little projects. I do have a couple of issues, and I will explain as I go on.


My biggest dilemma when it comes to any kind of decorating – our cat Sylvester (he was so interested as I was putting on the ornaments). We have two cats, and our Cassie is pretty good about just gently checking things out and sniffing. But, our male cat is just so persistent and curious and well…a pest. We love him, but he just gets so fixated on something and will not give up! He loves to bite and push, and I know that is just him, but it makes it hard to deal with sometimes. As I talked about in an article that I wrote in early January when I took down last year’s Christmas ornaments, I have had to change how I do my decorating – everyday and holiday! I don’t put anything breakable on tables, countertops, etc. We tried many ways to get Sylvester (and Cassie – just not as much as Sylvester!) to leave the Christmas tree alone, but had no success. The last Christmas that I had a tree on the ground, it was such a battle and so stressful that I was so relieved when Christmas – my favorite holiday – was over and I could take everything down. So, I pretty much gave up on that.


Everything has to go up high; higher than they can reach. It just is so much easier. So, that means that we do not put a tree on the ground. Which makes me a little sad, but it is all good. So, the reason I was so excited to break out the decorations this year is because we are in a different house than last year, and this one has some neat architectural features where there are cutouts in the living room (ledges) that make the room look interesting. And…make it great for putting my Christmas things on!!!! YAY!!! I have been waiting for months now to open up those boxes and get decorating. Some items I hadn’t used in years because there wasn’t enough room. I gathered up all of the boxes – that was fun trying to remember which closets I put things in – prior to the weekend and then worked on the project for about three days (not three days straight, but a lot of the time). It was fun!!! I love my ornaments. I purchased a four foot tree from Michaels that was on sale recently, and it fits perfectly on my tall armoire next to one of the ledges. It is my Peanuts tree! We have collected so many ornaments over the years. I just love unwrapping them from their original boxes each year. While, our tree is not on the ground like most traditional Christmas trees, it is still a Christmas tree and works for us! I also added another little tree, that served as our Christmas tree last year, with decorations from Disney, Looney Tunes and more. So cute.


So, the other issue that I struggle a little with myself about is my decorating style. I know, seems strange to struggle with yourself, but I do! As I mentioned above, I love searching through magazines and looking at beautiful farmhouse/country style decorations on Pinterest. But, with the decorations that I have, it doesn’t coincide perfectly with that look. I have come to realize that my Peanuts and Disney decorations make me happy, and they make my family happy. I treasure them! I wouldn’t want to get rid of them – they are part of our family. So, my house would not be one that you would see featured in Good Housekeeping or Country Living Magazine, but it suits us and our kiddish/happy-go-lucky lifestyle. I’ll satisfy my crafty, country craving on some smaller projects like a wreath for the door. I am pretty frugal too, I love using things I already have, or getting them very inexpensively. Overall, I am really pleased with the outcome and look forward to looking at it until the first of January 2017.


Oh, and back to Sylvester for a minute, he now sits on the bar in our kitchen and stares up at the tree and other decorations just longing to be able to jump up and check it out. Poor thing! Gotta love him! I am just happy that I don’t have to worry about him getting to all of it!!!


My wish is for you to enjoy the holidays too! Have a safe and happy holiday season! Happy decorating!!! 🙂

P.S. A little tip from me: I put all of the ornaments on the tree before putting it on the armoire, and I wrapped each ornament hook to a branch – about 5 times around the branch. It takes a while to do this, but helps make sure the ornaments don’t fall off.


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