Fabric Christmas Garland November 2016

I had some fun creating a Christmas garland for my bathroom this past weekend. I love that you don’t have to use traditional colors to create your holiday look. I was shopping at Goodwill, and chose to pick out colors and patterns that would work with the color scheme in my bathroom. I spent a little time in the curtain and sheets section and found some really great items that would work. Two of my selections were queen size sheets and the other was a frilly, sheer curtain. I wanted to braid the fabric together to make my garland. The thought was to use material that I could find cheaply, and I knew I wouldn’t need to use all of it, so the leftovers could be used for other projects later. I spent a total of about $6 at the store for these materials. After purchasing, I took them home and washed and dried them.



Now, I was going for easy, simple and rustic looking. My strategy was to not have to sew anything or make it look perfect. I started out by laying out the three pieces of material. I measured the mirror, and it just so happened that I had enough length to make it. I love when things work out like that! {insert winky face} So, next was to figure out how much I wanted for the width. I chose to cut it about 1 foot in width.



After the rough cutting was done, and I truly mean “rough” cutting because I used a pair of scissors that were not very sharp and it was a little bit jaggedy. That was OK with me, as I folded each piece in half and began the braiding process. I found a couple of hair bands that were white and wrapped it around one end. I left a little extra to hang down – a few inches. I began braiding after attaching the banded end to my closet door handle to help keep the braid as consistent as I could. That worked out really well. After I got to the end, I simply left the same length as I did at the beginning (needed to cut a little bit of excess) and wrapped my other hair band to it.


That is it!! So simple!!! Since I had folded each piece individually, I was able to keep my bad cutting job from showing on the finished product. I used three cup hooks, two on each end of my mirror and one in the middle to attach it. I had been brainstorming about what I would hang from the garland, and I have chosen to use the pine cones (that were free) that I dried recently (read about that here) and some other ornaments that I have had for years. I love using things that I already have! I wanted them to be light in weight so that the garland doesn’t get weighed down. Plus, they can’t be too long, because of Sylvester (see my article here on decorating with my cat). Other ideas would be to attach some string to Christmas cards, Christmas bulbs, candy canes, etc. The possibilities are endless! So fun!

I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and reading my article. I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas!! 🙂

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