So Much To Do, So Little Time To Do It

Having one of those days where I feel like I am not going to get as much accomplished as I would like to. I am not sure how so many of you manage to blog, take care of your house, kids, etc. and still find time for fun activities. Some days I wish we could extend time in the day for just that!

I am staring at my Christmas decorations right now knowing that they need to come down soon. Ugh!!! I don’t like taking them down and packing them up, but I know I have to. I mean, where did the holiday time go?? It went by fast for me. Christmas was wonderful, and I am so blessed to have my husband and son. We had a great time on Christmas Day. After that, it has been every day filled with bowl games (so MANY bowl games), watching the Penguins and enjoying the Lakers and Steelers games too. It seems like from Christmas Day until today (January 2, 2017), I have been trying to catch up on blogging, cleaning, baking, organizing and there is still so much to do. Trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I need to just take a breath and relax – it will get done!!

So, I have a new Cricut Machine that my husband purchased for me for my last birthday that I haven’t even opened up yet. My birthday was in October!! When you have all of your regular work like making meals, doing the laundry, paying the bills, cleaning the house and more, those kinds of things get pushed aside. I am itching to open it and get it out, but I want to have a chunk of time to enjoy it and focus on it. That is not happening today, for sure. But, I am making it a priority to get it out and read the directions this week…hopefully!!!

I feel like I measure my days in blocks of time. If my bed is not made by noon, I feel like I am not keeping up! 🙂 I like working on my two blogs from the time I wake up until about noon or one. I love having both blogs (this one and dis411), but they do take up time with writing articles and then working on social media. I break that up around 10:30-11:00 a.m. for about a half an hour walk. And, I really need to add more time for walking and other forms of exercise. See my 2017 goals here. Afternoons are spent paying my bills, working on business tasks (I would rather be blogging instead of doing accounting work!), researching, social media for the blogs, grocery shopping, running to the bank, doing the laundry, dishes, doctor appointments and sometimes we have a chance to get in some fun family time. As the evening arrives, I make dinner, do the dishes and then relax with my guys for TV time. We watch some of our favorite shows, our favorite teams’ games and more. I love that time. It is really great to just unwind. I will still take some time to check on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, but it is just casually.

I am not sure how you moms with little ones do it! I don’t have a little one in the house anymore (and haven’t for a long time), as my son will be nineteen years old later this month, but I feel like I am just as busy. Wow! Time is flying by, and I wish it would slow down. OK, I think I just helped myself to calm down a little bit about all of my daily tasks by taking moments to appreciate all that I have, especially my husband and son, and realize that my work will get done and I don’t need to stress so much about it! Funny how just jotting this down has made me feel better. Stop and smell the roses (or any other flower, for that matter) is my mindset now. And, another bright side for me to remember is that there is always something to forward to tomorrow!

Thanks for listening! I hope that your day is going well and you are enjoying 2017 already!!!

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