5 Essential Items For A Good Walk

So, I am working on my health this year, as I mentioned in my article about my goals for 2017. I have 5 essential items needed for a good and successful walk, and I will list them out below. Hope you are all doing well this year so far! Thanks for reading!! 🙂

New socks:

It is so funny to me that the littlest things in life sometimes make the biggest impact. For me getting new socks at Christmas is just so AMAZING! I know, silly right?!! But, I don’t buy myself socks any other time of the year and always look forward to receiving them! They are just so comfy and when you put them on for the first time…it is like AHHHH!!!

New shoes:

New year, new socks and also some new walking shoes. My husband found a great deal on these New Balance shoes at Kohl’s. They were actually purchased months before Christmas, but I wanted to put them under the tree and use them in the new year. Good shoes are really imperative for my feet. These pair are really lightweight also, which makes it easy for me to walk appropriately. I usually can get used to shoes pretty quickly, but if they don’t feel right, I don’t get excited about wearing them. With this new pair of shoes, I am raring to go!

Exercise pants/shorts:

When I slip on my exercise pants, it helps get me motivated to get my legs moving and onward to feeling great. I like feeling comfortable when I walk, and these do just the trick. It’s like my body knows that it is time to MOVE! And believe me, some days I just don’t want to MOVE!! Hehehe! Do you know what I mean?!? These funky, patterned pants are really snug and great! They allow me to focus on my stride.


Another great gift that I was happy to see from my husband was a floppy hat. It is an Adam’s Headwear Extreme Condition Hat, and he purchased it at Amazon. He bought one for himself earlier in the year to keep out the sun off of his face and neck. He is very fair skinned and burns easily. I joked that I might want one too. I didn’t have any idea that he had gotten me one, and we both giggled when I opened it up on Christmas morning. He is so great! And, now we are matching, and I feel like I am going on a safari! I used to wear a baseball cap, but this will be better for me now too. We will both be safe from the strong sunshine that makes up about 75% of the days of our year. The hat has UPF 45+ protective fabric. Yay!!!


Along with the hat to protect me from the sun, sunscreen is important as well!

What kinds of things do you need or do to get you motivated to exercise? I have a great walking partner, but if I didn’t have him, I definitely would want to listen to music. If you have a chance, you can leave a comment in the comment section below, or jot me a note on one of my social media accounts. I would love to hear from you! 🙂

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