6 Ways To Enjoy LEGO NINJAGO World At LEGOLAND Florida Resort

As of Thursday, January 12, 2017, LEGO NINJAGO World officially opened at LEGOLAND Florida Resort. My family and I were thrilled to go and explore it that afternoon, and we had so much fun! 🙂 WOW! That word definitely came to mind as I stepped into the new space. It is so amazing! It fits perfectly with this theme park that is “built for kids,” and I kept thinking what a great addition to an already great park.

You can’t miss LEGO NINJAGO World, as it has a cool, Asian-inspired entrance. In fact the whole “world” has beautiful Asian architectural elements. I loved that. Nicely done! I think that LEGOLAND Florida Resort does an excellent job with each of their lands, as you feel a distinct difference from the one before it.

So many young children were having fun at the new stations in LEGO NINJAGO World. Your kids will easily be entertained for a good period of time in here. We don’t have a small child, but had a fun time seeing all of the little ones enjoying themselves. As a mom, I was happy to see that every single addition in this new area required kids to physically move their bodies. They were moving their arms and legs, climbing and much more. So great to see them getting lots of exercise while playing.

Check out the highlights and must-see attractions in LEGO NINJAGO World below.

1. Zane’s Temple Build:

Kids will enjoy Zane’s Temple Build where they can contribute to the LEGO building experience.

2. Kai’s Spinners:

Young ones can master the ancient art of Spinjitzu at these twirling, single-person platforms.

3. Cole’s Rock Climb:

Cole’s Rock Climb is a really neat, outdoor climbing wall to test kids’ balance and endurance.

4. Jay’s Lightning Drill:

Measure your reflexes with these “lightning fast” light-up targets at Jay’s Lightning Drill.

5. Meet Kai and Nya:

A nice meet and greet location to visit with Kai and Nya is next to LEGO NINJAGO The Ride, and is fun for everyone to get a great snapshot. My son and I were all smiles getting a picture, for sure.


LEGO NINJAGO The Ride is a “dark ride” where guests score points using ninja hand moves to blast animated fireballs, lightning and more at waves of 3D villains. The indoor queue for this attraction is beautifully done. There were a lot of fun interactive things inside for the kids to entertain themselves with before hopping on the ride. So cool, and yes, so “cool” inside!

The movement of this ride is so smooth, and not herky-jerky at all. I appreciated that. Plus, there isn’t any spinning, which I also liked. Sometimes rides with too much spinning motion make me feel too dizzy!! LEGO NINJAGO The Ride has a nice fluid motion from one scene to the other. One thing I need to do before I ride again is work on my ninja skills! My hands were going all over the place, and I am not sure if I was doing it right. I was having fun though, and that is what counts, right?! Yes!! Although, I felt like if anyone was behind the scenes watching me, they would be cracking up!!! Hehehe! My point total was not that high, but I didn’t care, as I had a lot of laughs and fun with my family on the ride. I would recommend this ride to all! It is awesome! I can’t wait to get back on it.

I promise, you will not be disappointed when you visit LEGOLAND Florida! As I said earlier, and it is worth repeating, this theme park was already great, and with the addition of LEGO NINJAGO World, it is even better!

To get more details and see a video on how to master your ninja moves, click here. For details on the park, visit’s LEGOLAND Florida Resort’s site.

Check out our video coverage below:


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