13 Essential Items For A Beach Trip

When I was growing up, going to the beach meant heading to a nearby lake or one of the Great Lakes in Michigan. Now, I have a chance to take a short drive to the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico! All are great, and to me, it is so much fun to spend an afternoon hanging out with my family enjoying the sun and sand! Do you enjoy these kinds of days? If so, read on, as we are nearing beach season. It is time to get prepared for a trip to the beach. I can’t wait to feel that sand in my toes!

Below are 13 things that I think are necessary for a good, fun beach trip with your family.

1. Beach bag

You will want a bag that can withstand the sand and water to carry all of your goodies in.

2. Beach towel

Everyone loves to show their personality through their very own beach towel. Whether it is a favorite sports team, favorite show or just a pretty picture of a flower, it still makes us feel special while hanging out at the beach.

3. Beach blanket

It is nice to stretch out on a blanket on the beach. Bring one that your whole family can sit on.

4. Sunscreen

You will definitely want to invest in a good sunscreen for your family before getting to the beach. Shop around and find a good deal on one. I prefer a high SPF, as a few of my family members are very fair skinned. If you get a waterproof kind, don’t forget that you should reapply often, so as not to burn! And, I like to wear a lip balm that has atleast SPF 15.

No one likes to go home from a fun day in the sun with a sunburn! But, just in case, it probably wouldn’t hurt to buy some Aloe vera gel or lotion to keep with you. I can think of a few times I have had to rush to the store to purchase this.

Beach Chair at Beach

5. Beach chair

I like to have a place to sit in the sand, read a magazine and just gaze out into the ocean. The sound of the waves crashing in is so relaxing. A portable beach chair works great.

6. Beach umbrella

The sun is great, but you may want to shade yourself and your family a little bit. A beach umbrella might be the answer you are looking for.

7. Beach shoes/Flip-flops

Wading into the ocean is an unknown. I have purchased inexpensive beach shoes to wear into the water to protect my feet from cuts on rocks, shells, etc. They are nice to have in your beach bag. Flip-flops are nice too because you can rinse off the sand easily.

Beach Hat and Sandals at the Ocean

8. Beach hat

A good hat to keep your face and head from getting sunburned is a must for me. A big floppy straw hat works, but you might like a different style. Grabbing one for your kids would be a great idea too.

9. Sunglasses

Protect those eyes! 🙂

10. Bathing suit

For me, comfort is the key to a good bathing suit. When I find the one, I grab it and hope that it will last a long time. Wear what you feel good in.

11. Beach toys

I don’t feel too old to build a sandcastle! Do you?? You can grab pails, shovels, beach balls and more at your local dollar store. Plus, in the past, we have loved using a little body board while at the ocean.

12. Cooler

Having a cooler on hand to take to the beach is a must! Bringing along water and healthy snacks will help you and your family stay hydrated and feeling great. Time can get away from you while soaking up the sun and playing, and you need to be sure and get enough water.

13. Anti-bacterial wipes/Hand sanitizer

It is time to eat, and there is nowhere to wash your hands. So, make sure you pack some wipes and/or hand sanitizer to help with that.

I hope that this list helps, and that you have a really great time on your next trip to the beach. So many nice family memories have been made when we’ve gone to the beach. I always feel very relaxed after feeling the sand in my toes, listening to the waves and feeling the sunshine on my face. Oh, and that ocean air is just AMAZING!

Beach Hat and Shoes at the Ocean

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