3 Ways To Be Prepared For Medical Emergencies When Traveling

Planning for medical emergencies while traveling is really important. Being prepared for a loved one getting sick, an injury, etc. while on vacation is imperative for your peace of mind. For instance, you never know when something will happen and you need to get to a hospital.

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I have listed 3 ways to be prepared for a medical emergency when traveling.

1. Know where the nearest hospital is located

There are so many things to think about when planning a trip. Where are you going to stay? What restaurants do you want to eat at? How are you going to get there? But, so often all of the fun things to think about outweigh the real stuff, like where is the nearest hospital if someone in your family has an emergency. I will admit it, before my husband’s chronic illness, I didn’t think about this very much. But, it is so important to know your surroundings, like how far you are from a hospital or a walk-in clinic. If you need to get to a pharmacy, will it be near where you are staying? Take some time to get acquainted with the area you will be staying and have a driving route prepared if necessary.

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2. Pack a first aid kit

We always had a first aid kit in our vehicle when traveling. The kit should contain a good supply of Ibuprofen; Acetaminophen; antiseptic spray for burns, stings and cuts; rubbing alcohol; hydrogen peroxide and bandages. Check out the American Red Cross’ website for more information on first aid kits.

On one of our trips to Florida years ago, I had an accident that really made me more aware of how important a first aid kit was to have in the car. We were checking out of our hotel on our drive down to Walt Disney World, and I was loading the car up with our luggage. I walked out the door of the hotel and it closed quicker than I thought. It was very sharp, and my ankle was cut pretty badly. It was hard to get the bleeding to stop, and the person at the front desk of the hotel gave us a towel. Thinking back on this now, it is pretty frustrating that they didn’t help a little more. Ugh!! We knew there was a Walmart nearby, and my husband quickly drove us to it. He was able to get in touch with our family doctor, and he informed us of what we should do and what to purchase. I spent the first 5 days of that vacation bandaged up and hobbling around. We had rented a house with a pool, and although I was sad that I couldn’t swim, I was so thankful that we fixed the issue without having to go to the ER for stitches. I now have a nice scar to remember that incident, and looking back on that time always helped me prepare for our next trips!

3. Pack your daily medications & more

When packing for a trip, right up there with clothing and food for us are our daily medications. But, you also need to think of things like cold medications, just in case! Bringing your vitamins and medications that you take every day is a must! It is really important to stay on your daily schedule. Especially because traveling and being in a new environment can wear on your body. We used to sit in the car for over 10 hours to travel from Tennessee to Florida, and it was exhausting. Although, you then get that adrenaline rush when you arrive, because you can’t wait to get going on all of the fun plans you have! There have been many times that I was so happy that I packed medications in case of a cold, as we did need them. When you or your loved one is coughing in the middle of the night, you will be glad that you took the time to bring the cough syrup! Oh yeah, we would also have chewable aspirin on hand for the long drive.

My husband used to take medications that needed to be refrigerated. We traveled with a tiny, medical refrigerator that we plugged into our vehicle. When we arrived at our destination, it had to be put in a refrigerator immediately. We loved that at Walt Disney World Resort, if your room was not ready, they would refrigerate it for us until we could get into our room. That was so nice! It really took the pressure off of us, and we could go and have fun with no worries! So, be sure and check ahead of time to see if your lodgings will accommodate your needs.

I hope this information helps you. Being on vacation is so much fun, but it can be very stressful if you happen to have an emergency and are not prepared. Thanks for reading and hope you have happy and safe travels!

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