Top 3 Counter Service Restaurants At Disney Springs In Walt Disney World Resort

We just discovered another great counter service restaurant that is pretty inexpensive at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World Resort!! Yes! There are three now that we have as our go-to restaurants when we visit that serve really good food and will not break the bank. Our family is pretty frugal. When we visit Walt Disney World Resort, we really think about where we choose to eat prior to heading to one of the four parks or walking around Disney Springs. If the food is not worth the money, then we have been known to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before arriving. And, as much as we LOVE visiting, we don’t have a lot of places that we LOVE to eat at. And to add to that…that are fairly inexpensive.

Restaurants at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World Resort

So, I have listed out my three choices for family, friendly quick restaurants in Disney Springs that are so good and not too expensive. Plus, there is plenty of seating inside (which is great when the weather is hot!) and outside at all of these locations.

1. Earl of Sandwich

This restaurant has long been one of our favorites in Disney Springs!! The sandwiches that they serve are really yummy. The prices have increased in the last year or so, but we still keep going back to eat there. It doesn’t seem that long ago that the regular sandwiches were around $5.00 each or so. Now, you can expect to pay about $6.99/sandwich. My absolute favorite sandwich is the Holiday Turkey Sandwich (posted in the above photo)! They are all really good though, and my husband and I usually share one, we bring our own drinks, and that really saves on some dough! Hehehe! 🙂 We have always gotten a great meal and never disappointed. That is a big plus for us!

Blaze Pizza at Disney Springs In Walt Disney World Resort

2. Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza

We love pizza, and have eaten at Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs a couple of times now. We absolutely have had a great experience each time and have enjoyed the pizza! When you walk in, you get to choose the toppings and sauce for your pizza. Then, after paying, it is just a short wait (about 3 minutes!) and your pizza is ready to grab and eat. There is plenty of seating inside the restaurant, as well as outside. My husband and I always share a pizza. They consider it a “personal” pizza, but there are 6 good-sized slices. My 19 year old likes different toppings than us and enjoys creating his own. We usually have leftovers to take home for later. Their prices are reasonable from $7.25 – $9.65 for a pizza.

D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World Resort

3. D-Luxe Burger

As I briefly mentioned above, we found another quick service restaurant that we will be going back to very often. We stopped in for lunch the other day at D-Luxe Burger, and we ordered the Premium Duo. My husband and I chose to share their Classic Cheeseburger, and my son had his Barbecue Burger all to himself. We all shared the fries, and it came with two fountain drinks. The total was around $20 with our Annual Passholder discount.

D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World Resort

Now, I don’t like a tough burger, and usually most of the time I would rather have it be thin. But, I just have to say that this burger was thick and tender and oh-so-good!!! They use a combination of things for their burgers, and it works really well. The fries were really good too and reminded us of Five Guys. We didn’t try one of the gelato shakes, but they sounded yummy. Maybe next time!

D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World Resort

Out of the three restaurants I have talked about at Disney Springs, I love the interior of D-Luxe Burger the best. The rustic, eclectic feel of the photos, the seating, walls, etc. reminded me of Tennessee, which was home for us for well over 15 years. Plus, I liked that there are different areas of seating. Some in the front and some in the back. Plus, ample seating outside under a covered porch. We ended up sitting in the back in a booth, and enjoyed eating while some music was playing (that was not overpowering) and enjoyed each other’s company without any commotion around us, and there were other’s sitting near us. It just felt comfortable. Definitely a restaurant that I recommend. I can’t wait to get back there and eat again.

All three of these restaurants at Disney Springs are great places to try with your family. Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts too! 🙂

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