Cleaning Is A Good Workout

Cleaning really is a good workout! I know, most people don’t look forward to cleaning their house. You can add me to that list. I really can think of better ways to spend my time. But, as I was doing my weekly cleaning over this past weekend, it hit me that I was working out my body at the same time. What a great way to get two things done at once! I mean, I knew it, but didn’t really think about how many movements were working out so many muscles.

Over the past few weeks, instead of getting my “Saturday” (Saturday was always the day we cleaned the house when I was growing up, and I have followed that routine) cleaning done on Saturday, it has turned into Sundays. We keep the house straightened up all week, and then that one day during the weekend is when I get the major stuff done. I love that “Oh yeah!” moment when it is finished.

Cleaning House Workout

Working out my arms

I usually spend the most time during my weekly cleaning routine in the bathrooms. They seem to need the most attention. I like to get right involved in cleaning the toilets, tubs and floors. By that I mean getting down on my hands and knees to clean all three I just mentioned. Scrubbing the toilets, tubs and toilets is really no fun at all. But, I think that I work up the most sweat when cleaning the bathrooms. So, that means I should be burning calories, right? I hope so!!

I do most of my laundry during the weekends too. Folding and putting clothing on hangers gets your arms moving. In the bedroom, by getting the sheets and pillow cases off of the bed, then washing and drying them and then making the bed again, is a good workout for my arms. And, believe me, my arms need it! Hehehe!

Doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen is a daily chore. Getting the dishes ready for the dishwasher and scrubbing the pots and pans really uses my arms. As does loading and unloading the dishwasher. By the way, I think I may be a master at stacking the dishes in the dishwasher. It always looks so pretty and organized!! Hehehe! I think if you do something long enough, you can master it.

Moving my legs

Most of our home has wood laminate flooring (see my article here on the flooring when we renovated last year), so I sweep it weekly. This really could go in the arm workout category too, but it also fits in with working out my legs. We have a few rugs that need vacuuming too. It is so interesting that we have three humans in this house, but the two cats seem to make the most mess! I really shouldn’t blame it all on them, but they do leave little bits of kitty litter everywhere! 🙂


So, I got the benefit of working out and my house is now cleaned for the week! And, after burning all of those calories and working up a sweat, it is so refreshing to jump into my clean shower!! Yay!!! In fact, I think I did sweat more on Sunday than I did on Saturday when I rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes.

During my cleaning time, I like to reflect on the past week and look ahead to what we have coming up for the following week. After everything is clean, I feel great! I feel organized, and really love relaxing in my nice, clean house. The only downfall for me, is that I don’t want to see any hair on the floor and no one better throw anything in the bathroom trash cans for the rest of the day!! After that, no problem. Hehehe! I just want a spotless house for about twelve hours! Kinda unrealistic, but a girl can dream!

Thanks for reading and sharing! 🙂 Have a great day!

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