4 Reasons To Visit Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament In Florida With Your Family

We received complimentary tickets. All opinions are my own.

On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, my family and I had a chance to go to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Florida. We were so excited to have a chance to be able to visit again. The first time we enjoyed being there was in February 2016 (read my post here). We had a blast then, and even more fun on the second visit. It is such an incredible show, the food is so good and it is really family friendly.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Florida

I have listed out my 4 reasons to visit Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Orlando

Crooks Family at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Florida

1. Medieval Village

Be sure to make time prior to the show beginning to walk around the Medieval Village. It is a 9 room museum located on the property and it features actual artifacts from the 11th century. There are displays of candle making, a kitchen, baskets, pottery, a stable and more. It is really enjoyable to wander around looking at items from the past and imagine what it was like living in that time period. It is definitely educational for the young and older ones in your family.

Chicken at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Florida

2. Food

Prior to the food being served, you will be seated in a big theater that surrounds the sandy arena where most of the show takes place. It is cushioned, bench seating with a table in front of you, and you sit next to your family and others that are attending. The food that is served during your time at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is outstanding! What I love about eating there, is that it is all with your hands. It is yummy and messy and so relaxed and fun! I would much rather eat in a casual atmosphere, instead of one where you have to dress up and be proper. That is just me…I am a simple girl! 🙂 During the meal, you are served your food at intervals. First up are your drinks, and then comes the tomato soup. The bowl for the soup has a handle, and this allows you to sip it. After that, your waiter or waitress will bring a piece of garlic bread, and then my favorite part – the roasted chicken!!! So YUMMY!! You will also receive a half of a seasoned baked potato, a piece of corn on the cob and then dessert! On our first visit, we were served an apple turnover, and with the second visit, a delicious piece of lemon cake. There is no way that you will feel hungry after this meal. It is so filling and really GREAT!

One thing that I noticed this visit, is that Medieval Times offers a vegetarian meal upon request. It consists of hummus, warm pita bread, carrot and celery sticks, three-bean stew with fire roasted tomato and brown rice, fresh fruit or Italian ice, coffee and two rounds of select beverages. This is a really nice touch for those that are vegetarian. I have to have the chicken, but everyone has different preferences. 🙂

Performers at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Florida

3. Entertainment

While you are chowing down on your meal, the show going on in front of you is so exciting and entertaining. Each visit that we have had at Medieval Times has been so well done, that we just have such a great time. The whole meal and show takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes, and it really does go by so fast. We have loved every minute of it! The performers are so great. The actual competition of the knights jousting and more is really good. The sword fighting brings sparks, and the loud bang that occurs when a shield is hit is really fun to hear while in the theater. With that being said, my favorite things to watch are the horses. They are just so beautiful and graceful.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Florida

4. Cheering

I was a cheerleader from grade school until high school, and I will always have that in me. When we watch our favorite football, baseball, hockey and basketball teams on TV, I am usually the loudest in the family. My cheerleader clap usually hurts my husband’s ears. Oops!! In saying this, I realized on our recent visit that I truly enjoy rooting on the knight that is assigned to you. We had the black and white knight on this visit, and he ended up winning. YAY!! That meant a lot of cheering and rowdiness, and my voice and hands were definitely tired after that! So much fun! I do want to mention that it does get very loud. If you have a really little one in your family, just be aware of that. It could be too much for them.

In conclusion, there are a lot of choices of places to visit when you plan your time in the Orlando area. With that in mind, I feel that Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament should be on your list of things to do – right up there with Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and more. It is so entertaining, and really a fun time for everyone in the family! We have made so many great memories from our visits. Thank you, Medieval Times, for your hospitality!

Check out Medieval Times’ website for all of the details, pricing and more. I noticed that they have a great “back to school” special right now that will save about $20/adult. That is awesome!! 🙂 I hope that you have a chance to plan a night at the Orlando Castle. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, and thanks for reading! 🙂

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