5 Reasons To Visit Splitsville At Walt Disney World Resort With Your Family

We received a complimentary meal. All opinions are my own.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes has a location at Disney Springs (West Side) in Walt Disney World Resort. The restaurant features 50,000 square feet of luxury bowling and dining, and it is VERY family-friendly. Bowling along with a great dining experience…love it! We enjoyed a lunch there recently, and had an absolute wonderful time!

at Splitsville in Walt Disney World Resort

Below are my 5 reasons to visit Splitsville with your family!

Splitsville at Walt Disney World

1. Great Location

We really enjoy visiting Disney Springs, and with Splitsville located there, it is ideal!! What was once Downtown Disney, Disney Springs has become a big destination with all of the growth! And, whether you are staying on Disney property, off Disney property or live nearby, it is easily accessible. Take a bus from your resort, if you are staying on Disney property. If you will be driving, you can park (for free!) in the Orange Garage (on the west side of the garage), and you will be just steps away from this restaurant.

2. Cleanliness

I was really impressed with the cleanliness of this restaurant. The tables, seating, bowling area and bathrooms were totally clean! This really is a big deal to me and to my family, as we cannot feel comfortable being in a location that is unclean.

Meal at Splitsville in Walt Disney World Resort

3. Service

Our food arrived quickly. That is always a big plus! We also had a nice time visiting with everyone at the restaurant. The staff was so kind and helpful. We especially enjoyed chatting with our server Joe from New Jersey. He is a big sports fan like us, and we talked about our favorite teams.

Meal at Splitsville in Walt Disney World Resort

4. Good food

Our family of three enjoyed every meal we ordered, and we each tried something different. My son wanted all of us to share the Macho Nachos appetizer. That was HUGE! We have had nachos at a lot of places, but this one really was one of the best we have ever had. After eating our appetizer, we were all a little full. We started digging into our meals, and each of us were very pleased with our choices. We had fun sampling each other’s dishes too.

Meal at Splitsville in Walt Disney World Resort

I chose to have the Chicken Alfredo. The noodles and sauce were so great, along with the broccoli and blackened chicken. So good!

Meal at Splitsville in Walt Disney World Resort

Fish N’ Chips are what my husband wanted. The Cod was soooo good! What a big piece of fish too. It is hard to find good Cod, and my husband and I felt that this would definitely be worth ordering again! I almost forgot to mention how good the cole slaw was too.

Meal at Splitsville in Walt Disney World Resort

Our son Clayton III ordered Mahi Mahi with Voodoo Shrimp. Wow! That dish was so pretty! He totally enjoyed it, and I liked it too. It was just a tad too spicy for me, but so good!

The portion sizes for each of our meals were so big! I felt that my husband and I could share a meal easily! The prices were very reasonable, and some of the other choices that sounded good were burgers, pizza, sandwiches, sushi and more. There was no way that we could eat anything for dessert, but all of the selections looked yummy!!! 🙂

Meal at Splitsville in Walt Disney World Resort

5. Atmosphere

I loved the atmosphere at Splitsville Luxury Lanes. It has a fun, retro diner feel to it. So comfortable! You walk into the nice, main level and there is an escalator that will take you up to the second level. Both areas are really great. There were separate dining areas from the bowling lanes. Plus, there was great seating and tables near the bowling lanes that guests were utilizing. Lots of bowling lanes, pool tables, TV screens, bar areas and more. Along with indoor seating, they have outdoor seating as well. A singer was entertaining the guests sitting in the outdoor area while we were there. There were a lot of families with little ones enjoying a meal and bowling. Love that! Everyone inside the restaurant and outside were all smiles and having fun!

Meal at Splitsville in Walt Disney World Resort

Oh, and about the TVs. While we were there, a MLB playoff game was taking place, and we were able to watch that as we ate. As I mentioned above, my son, husband and I are really into football, baseball, hockey, basketball, etc. Being able to watch these games on TV while dining is a big WIN for us! 🙂 If you enjoy watching sports, dining and maybe grabbing a drink, this is a great place to do that!

One thing that I have a problem with at some restaurants is that they play their music too loud. We were so happy that this was not an issue here! The music was at a great level so that you could actually visit without having to yell across the table. We were at a location not too long ago that we literally could not hear the person next to us. My husband’s throat was sore after leaving the restaurant from talking so loud! That is no fun! It really does play a part in how you remember your time, and may determine if you want to return to that location.

Meal at Splitsville in Walt Disney World

Overall Experience

As we left the restaurant, we all discussed how much we liked Splitsville, and that it would be put on our list of places to come back to! My guys and I agreed that we wanted to do some bowling the next time we visit. The overall experience that we had at this restaurant was FANTASTIC! I would highly recommend that you spend time with your family at Splitsville Luxury Lanes in Disney Springs!

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Take a peek at video footage from my son:

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