5 Reasons To Visit The Escape Game Orlando With Your Family

We received complimentary tickets. All opinions are my own.

We had never been to an escape room before. It was one of those things that sounded like so much fun, but we just hadn’t taken the time to try it. So, earlier this week, my family and I had the opportunity to try The Escape Game Orlando on International Drive, and we had a BLAST!!!! They have 5 different games that you can choose from, and we chose Classified. It was mentioned that this was a good one to start with. Bekah checked us in, and Jennifer was our guide. They were both so kind and helpful.

The Escape Game Orlando

1. Family bonding

This definitely was a great experience for us as a family to work together and strengthen our bond. We usually do work well together, but this was on a different level. First of all, it was so exciting and fun trying to figure out the clues to get to the next stage. Even though we didn’t “escape” (we came very close), we had so much fun spending that time together working toward our goal! So cool!

2. Problem solving

As, I mentioned a little above, this is a great way to use your brain for problem solving. The atmosphere fit perfectly with the theme we chose, and it was really fun solving the puzzles! Very mysterious and exciting. I am so glad that I was able to do this with my family. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about being “locked” in a room for an hour. But, we learned that you can leave the room if you need to use the restroom, get a drink, use your phone, etc. The time would continue, and the rest of your party would play on. That made me feel at ease, for sure! I have to say that I didn’t feel so “closed in” after knowing that. Plus, the time went by so FAST! I didn’t have time to worry about anything. We just scrambled around trying to solve the clues!!! 🙂

The Escape Game Orlando

3. Great location

International Drive can get a little bit busy and congested with traffic. But, we were happy to have navigated it well on the day we visited. We were also pleased that there was parking in the rear of the building that was so convenient and FREE! We arrived a little early (which is not a usual thing for us!). We decided to get a little exercise before heading inside. The day was beautiful, and we enjoyed exploring the area surrounding The Escape Game Orlando’s location. There are so many restaurants and other attractions nearby. Such a clean and safe area. We didn’t have to walk that far to see the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds, SEA LIFE Orlando, Five Guys, Red Robin and more! It is in a perfect location to go and have some fun playing the game and then grab a bite to eat. In fact, we were told that you could receive a 10-15% discount on some of the restaurants in the vicinity if you showed them the email that includes your receipt of your visit to The Escape Game Orlando. Nice!!! 🙂

4. Visit on any kind of day

Visiting The Escape Game Orlando can be done during any type of day! Whether the weather is rainy or too hot outside, it is a fun thing to plan on doing with your family if you live in the Orlando area or while you are vacationing here.

The Escape Game Orlando

5. So clean!

The location was very clean and comfortable. The lobby had lots of seating while we waited for our time slot, and the restrooms were super clean and nice too.

The Escape Game Orlando

Here are some tips that may help with your visit:

*Be sure and get something to eat and drink beforehand.
*Use the restroom before you begin.
*Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
*Arrive 15 minutes early to sign in.
*They suggest that children be 12 and up. Totally agree with that! Children younger than that may get bored.
*Have your thinking caps on!
*Ask for extra clues. We waited a little too long to get more clues. I think we would have escaped if we had asked earlier.
*Enjoy it!! It is a game!! Have fun together!!!

Get all of the details about The Escape Game Orlando by visiting their website. You really need to try it with your family!! It is a place that we would absolutely go back to! Let me know if you have a chance to go, or if you have had fun there in the past. Thanks for reading. Have an AWESOME day! 🙂

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